To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, it is necessary to check the operation of furnaces annually, whitewash them in time to notice cracks that occur.

In rooms near the stove, it is worth using autonomous fire house broadcasters that respond to smoke and optical indicators of air.

There were more than once cases when such devices saved people from poisoning at night. Poisoning the body with alcohol.

Statistics show that 7 out of 10 drinkers suffer from a hangover.

All this is due to the fact that after a heavy intake of alcohol there is severe dehydration. Alcohol inhibits the production of a hormone responsible for water retention, the kidneys stop filtering fluid normally, and all water is excreted in the urine. Due to the expansion of blood vessels throughout the body, in particular in the head, pain occurs. If the intake of alcohol is systematic, then you should not be surprised at feeling unwell every morning.

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In the morning, you need to eat something containing carbohydrates to increase normal blood sugar levels. It can be, for example, bananas. clarithromycin pills and Drink water to combat dehydration. Take a walk outside if possible. Movement in this state will help to cope with weakness in the body and with muscle pain. It is not recommended to eliminate a hangover with new doses of alcohol, as this will aggravate alcohol poisoning.

If the body stops responding to the drug, then it needs to be changed.

It is worth knowing that in addition to sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep), poor sleep occurs with another 30 diseases. Among them: stress, restless legs syndrome, depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, Parkinson's disease, asthma, encephalitis, prostatic hypertrophy, hyperthyroidism, neurosis, diseases of the nervous system and kidneys, heart failure, overwork and others. So you need to look for the causes of sleep after which you do not rest and eliminate them!

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Later, the patient develops pain. A number of patients describe them as tolerable, while others characterize the pain as burning or unbearable.. In this case, no movement disorders were observed in patients.

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A characteristic sign of Roth's disease is an increase in paresthesia and pain when the patient is in an upright position and after movements. This feature is due to the tension of the nerve. Pain will decrease when the leg is bent at the hip joint, at rest or in the supine position. With a long course of the disease, the innervation and nutrition of the skin are significantly disturbed. In a patient, the skin of biaxin pills becomes thinned and flabby. Sometimes trophic ulcers may appear on it.

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